Sheridan Winn is a highly creative thinker working as an independent journalist. She is a dynamic and articulate communicator – a ‘wordsmith’ with natural insight.

Sheridan’s features are published on four continents in a wide range of leading publications, from The Independent to the South China Morning Post, the Australian Financial Review to JWT’s American Inventor Online. She is best known for her work on lifestyle and trends, the ‘people’ side of management and her profiles of business leaders.

Her interviewees include, Craig Sams, founder of Green & Black; Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive of media giant WPP Group; Fortnum & Mason’s Beverley Aspinall; insurance broker, Robert Hiscox and the ‘godfather of gigs, Vince Power in EasyJet magazine. Her monthly ‘My First Job’ story celebrates the diverse beginnings of business celebrities’ careers and has featured in BA’s Business Life magazine since 2004.

Learn how the futurists do it in Sheridan’s AFR BOSS feature, ‘Fortune Sellers’, how JWT’s Tom Doctoroff thinks we should market goods in China and the rise of ‘The Lipstick Millionaires’ in Business Life.

Sheridan also writes about places and was one of twelve international writers commissioned for The Blue Label Book™. This exclusive travel guide was produced for the Global Top 300 CEOs for the Johnny Walker advertising campaign.

As founding editor of MindBullets from the Future™, a weekly e-zine published by FutureWorld International, Sheridan grappled with a range of subjects from nanotechnology and waste disposal to the future of smart cards.

She is a Visiting Praxis Associate at Cranfield University’s School of Management, for which she writes features and marketing material.


The date has been anounced for the DVD release of Vier Zauberhafte Schwestern: 24th September 2020!

The date has been announced for the DVD release of Vier Zauberhafte Schwestern: 24th September 2020!

Vier zauberhafte Schwestern präsentiert: Die vier Schwestern Flame (Laila Padotzke), Marina (Hedda Erlebach), Flora (Lilith Julie Johna) und Sky (Leonore von Ber... mehr:
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So delighted we could bring this together with our pals at @NNFest - we’re a City of Literature & however far we have to stay apart from each other, books will bring us together - ty @ace_national for you support

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