by | Mar 19, 2018

I am delighted to announce the publication of the second Sprite Sister prequel Vier zauberhafte Schwestern – Wie alles begann: Marina und die Kraft des Wassers.

Marina is delighted when she discovers her power of water and cannot wait to use it. Things are not easy as she has to keep her magic secret and learn to control it – and she soon finds out that water is not as safe as she thought.

Marina’s Story is the second title in the WIE ALLES BEGANN series published by FISCHER KJB. Aimed at younger readers, the stories can be read as ‘stand-alone titles’ or as part of the series.

The third prequel, Ash’s Story, will be published in Germany in the Autumn 2018. The fourth prequel story, The Sprite Sisters’ Christmas Adventure will be published in the Autumn 2019.