The Sprite Sister series has been so successful in Germany that publishers Fischer Verlag have asked Sheridan to write three prequel stories.

These three books have the working titles ‘Flame’s Story’, ‘Marina’s Story’ and ‘Ash’s Story’, and will describe the time at which each sister gained their magic power – before all four sisters get their magic powers. The prequel series will lead in to The Circle of Power (Vol 1), in which Ariel, the youngest Sprite sister, gains her power of Air on her ninth birthday.

Flame’s Story (1) will be published in Germany in Spring 2017. Marina’s Story (2) will be published in Germany in Spring 2018, followed by Ash’s Story (3) in Autumn 2018.

The three prequels will bring the Sprite Sister stories up to a glorious total of 13 books. A baker’s dozen!