If you are in the City of Norwich this summer, come and see Sprite Snap the GoGo Dragon! People of all ages are enjoying the GoGo Dragon Trail.

Until 5th September 2015, Sprite Snap will be on display outside Coleman’s Opticians on St Augustine’s Street, Norwich. It’s wonderful! Designed and painted by artist, Beverley Gene Coraldean of Geneality Art, Sprite Snap is decorated with images and text from the Sprite Sister stories. It’s colourful, witty and incredibly detailed.

The GoGo Dragon community art trail features 84 large painted dragon sculptures around the streets of Norwich and a further 120 mini dragons in local schools and shops. It is organised by BREAK, a charity that cares for vulnerable people.

The trail builds on the success of Norwich’s GoGo Gorilla 2013 art trail, which raised more than £270,000 at auction for charity. Hundreds of local people and visitors to the city followed the trail during the summer months and more are expected this summer.

Sprite Snap is sponsored by Coleman’s Opticians. Sheridan has donated 1200 Sprite Sister books to Coleman’s, which they are giving out free at events and to parents and young readers. Sheridan is doing a number of readings through the summer in support of the Go-Go Dragon event at Coleman’s.

To see all the dragons for one last time come to The Forum
, 27th-30th September, before the dragon auction on 1st October 2015.