Vol 1: The Sprite Sisters – The Circle of Power

There are ten Sprite Sister volumes:-

  1. The Circle of Power
  2. The Magic Unfolds
  3. The Secret of the Towers
  4. The Ghost in the Towers
  5. New Magic
  6. The Boy With Hawk-like Eyes
  7. Magic at Drysdale’s School
  8. The Mystery of the Locked Room
  9. A Wisdom of Owls (to be published)
  10. The Power of Four (to be published)


book1big‘I’ve got a magic trick!’ said Ariel. ‘Watch!’

She pointed her finger at Flame’s purple bra. It lifted off the chair and hovered in the air.

Marina and Ash laughed.

Each of the Sprite Sisters, between nine and thirteen, has a magical power related to one of the four elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

When Ariel discovers her power on her ninth birthday, their circle is complete. The girls’ magic must be kept secret, and used only for good; if not, the consequences could be dire.

The Sprites’ big house in the country is full of laughter and sunshine, but a shadow is falling. Everything the Sprite Sisters hold dear will soon be shattered by the arrival of someone who is intent on destroying their power …

ISBN 978-0—9571648-2-6 (Paperback)

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