Vol 2: The Sprite Sisters – The Magic Unfolds

There are ten Sprite Sister volumes:-

  1. The Circle of Power
  2. The Magic Unfolds
  3. The Secret of the Towers
  4. The Ghost in the Towers
  5. New Magic
  6. The Boy With Hawk-like Eyes
  7. Magic at Drysdale’s School
  8. The Mystery of the Locked Room
  9. A Wisdom of Owls (to be published)
  10. The Power of Four (to be published)



The wind tore through the attics, it tore around the towers and through the garden. Tiles spun from the roof and crashed on the ground below. The huge house shook and let out an almighty roar.

Ariel Ash and Marina screamed.

‘Hold on – hold the power!’ cried Flame.

The Sprite Sisters’ home, Sprite Towers, is under threat. The roof is leaking and their enemy, the ruthless Glenda Glass, is determined to have the house for herself. And tensions are mounting between the girls as they prepare for the most important concert of their lives.

Can the Sprite Sisters resolve their differences and summon all their magic powers to save Sprite Towers?

ISBN 978-0-9571648-4-0 (Paperback)

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