Vol 4: The Sprite Sisters – The Ghost in the Tower

There are ten Sprite Sister volumes:-

  1. The Circle of Power
  2. The Magic Unfolds
  3. The Secret of the Towers
  4. The Ghost in the Towers
  5. New Magic
  6. The Boy With Hawk-like Eyes
  7. Magic at Drysdale’s School
  8. The Mystery of the Locked Room
  9. A Wisdom of Owls (to be published)
  10. The Power of Four (to be published)


ghostintowersjacket‘It’s real – I tell you, it’s a real ghost!’ gasped Marina, her face fraught with terror.
‘But where did it come from?’ cried Ariel.

‘Glenda’s called it up,’ said Ash, her eyes wide. ‘She’s evoked the ghost of her evil great-grandmother.’

The blood drained from Flame’s face. ‘Margaret?’ she cried. ‘Not her! Oh please, not her!’

When Glenda Glass conjures up the ghost of her wicked ancestor, Margaret, the atmosphere at Sprite Towers gets exceedingly chilly, and the Sprite Sisters’ Hallowe’en party turns into something far more sinister than anybody had planned.

With Grandma away, only the sisters can rid Sprite Towers of the phantom. And that means entering the portal in the tower and risking their lives to change the future.

ISBN 978-0-9571648-8-8 (Paperback)

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