The Sprite Sisters

four sisters, four elements, four powers

Take four sisters with the magic powers of Fire, Water, Earth and Air and what do you get? The Circle of Power and a whole lot of magic!

The Sprite Sisters are a bestselling series of fantasy stories about the adventures of Flame, Marina, Ash and Ariel Sprite. Aimed at readers aged 7-13 years, the books have sold over 500,000 copies.

At the heart of the Sprite Sisters’ magic is balance. When the four sisters are balanced, their power is exceedingly strong. However, being sisters they are often at loggerheads – which weakens it.

The Sprite stories span three years in the sisters’ lives. Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 take place between June-December in one year, when Flame is 13, Marina, 12, Ash 11 and Ariel 9. Volumes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 take place two years later, when when Flame is 15, Marina 14, Ash 12 and Ariel is 11. These last five stories are pitched at slightly older readers. The series – which begins with The Circle of Power – will conclude with Volume 10, The Power of Four.

At the centre of the Sprite Sisters’ world is Sprite Towers. This huge, mysterious house with its two towers and rolling grounds is to be found in the countryside of North Norfolk in England. Built by the girls’ great-great grandfather, Sidney Sprite, in 1910, the house has a power all of its own.

Magic runs through the Sprite family, but nobody knows who has it. It must only be use for good and never in anger, but there are branches of the family who have turned to dark magic. One member, in particular, is out to steal the Sprite Sisters’ power. The sisters’ grandmother, Marilyn, used to have power, but lost it, and now mentors them in a battle that affects them all.

Who are the Sprite Sisters?

Flame Sprite

The Power of Fire – East

Fire sizzles out of Flame Sprite’s hands. She can turn something to a crisp or warm the air around her – which is useful when the sisters use their magic in one of the huge, cold towers at Sprite Towers. Part of her power of the East is the gift of foresight. This ability to see ahead often helps the sisters when they are in danger – Flame sees the way through.

Flame’s position on the Wheel of Life is at the East, which represents the human spirit. Tall and athletic, she has green eyes and dark copper-coloured hair. Her favourite season is spring and her best time is morning.

She has an analytical mind and sharp sense of humour. With her fiery nature, Flame is inclined to be impatient. Balanced against that, she has a big heart and much courage. She is close to her grandmother, Marilyn, whom she resembles and who mentors her. Flame loves reading, sport and playing the violin. She likes to discuss new ideas and ways of thinking. Her bedroom is always tidy. When she grows up, she will be a writer. The eldest of the sisters, she is 13 years in Vols 1-5 and 15 in Vols 6-10.

Marina Sprite

The Power of Water – South

Marina is a warm, friendly girl with a big heart. Her place on the Wheel of Life is at the South, which represents the emotions. With her curly dark hair and bright blue eyes (inherited from her grandfather), Marina is playful and has empathy. She trusts people.

Using her power of Water, Marina can create a huge wave or a river. She can create ice or snow or rain. She can also extract all the moisture from something, drying it to a husk. Her favourite season is summer and she is most relaxed in the afternoon.

Marina is lively girl and loves to perform. Despite her energy, she likes to sleep and is always the last one downstairs in the morning. She describes her – untidy – bedroom as ‘a glorious muddle’. Only a year younger than Flame, and equally competitive, she sometimes finds her older sister bossy and they bicker. Marina plays the viola. When she grows up, she will be an actress or a singer. She is 12 years in Vols 1-5 and 14 in Vols 6-10.

Ash Sprite

The Power of Earth – West

Ash holds the balance between the sisters. When things get difficult between them, it is she who calms things down. The quietest and most patient of the four sisters, she thinks deeply about things and has a kind heart. Often she expresses a fiercely independent streak. Her place on the Wheel of Life is at the West, which represents the body. Like the roots of a tree, her magic power of Earth allows her to draw something towards her or bind it down. When she places her hands on a surface, she can sense what lies beneath. Ash feels everything through her hands.

With her tufty chestnut hair, soft brown eyes, she looks like her father, Colin. She plays the cello and loves to be outside. She is close to her father and spends a lot of time in the garden with him, growing vegetables and tending plants. When she grows up, Ash will be a doctor or an environmental scientist. She likes the evening time and the autumn. She plays the cello and sings. Ash is 10 years in Vols 1-5 and 12 years in Vols 6-10.

Ariel Sprite

The Power of Air – North

There is always a story going on in Ariel’s head. If there’s trouble, she is usually at the heart of it. Funny, mischievous and constantly chattering, she is often putting her foot in it. Ariel likes to daydream and has her ‘head in the clouds’ – there is always has a story going on in her head. Often, though, she surprises her family with her wisdom and insight. This ‘knowing’ is part of her power of Air. Her power also allows her to lift things or bring them down to Earth with a bump.

Small, with big grey eyes and curly blond hair, she resembles her French mother, Ottalie. Her place of the Wheel of Life is at the North, which represents the mind. She likes the night, when she can dream and is happiest in the winter, particularly when it snows. When she grows up, Ariel will be an artist, a musician or a teacher. She plays the flute and has an affinity with animals. She is 9 years in Vols 1-5 and 11 years in volumes 6-10.

There are ten Sprite Sister volumes:-

  1. The Circle of Power
  2. The Magic Unfolds
  3. The Secret of the Towers
  4. The Ghost in the Tower
  5. New Magic
  6. The Boy With Hawk-like Eyes
  7. Magic at Drysdale’s School
  8. The Mystery of the Locked Room
  9. A Wisdom of Owls (to be published)
  10. The Power of Four (to be published)

The books are written in sequence, but as ‘stand-alone’ stories.



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